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1.  We can buy ugly houses all around Houston.


Aside from buying foreclosures, we also specialize in buying ugly houses and can make you an offer to buy your house once we receive your information through the form on this page.


Selling a house in today’s market can be a daunting task. There may be fewer investors purchasing ugly houses and significantly more homeowners trying to sell.




2.  Our experience buying ugly houses.


We have been buying ugly houses throughout the Houston area for many years and we, or other investors in our network, can make an offer on your ugly house. There are few ugly house problems that we have not seen, or experienced finding a solution for. So it's likely that we will know what to do with that difficult to sell house problem.




3.  Common problems that can cause ugly houses in Houston.


These are some of the most common ugly house problems for homes in Houston.


  • Foundation settling is common throughout the Houston area, because of the soil conditions and weather changes.


  • Foundation cracking, or separating are also common, also due to the soil conditions and dry weather.


  • Termite damage to the frame and other important parts is also common due to the ideal climate for termites.


  • Carpenter ants and other wood destroying insects also cause damage to local houses.


  • Flood damage is a big issue, especially for the many houses located within the flood plains.


  • Water damage from storms, or pipe breakage due to foundation settling can sometimes cause considerable damage.


  • Toxic mold, either from water damage, or even minor leaking and condensation can fast become a problem.


  • Fire damaged houses and even total burn outs is not uncommon in the dry season.


  • Storm damage from strong winds, falling tree limbs, hail, or tornadoes can wreck havoc on a house.




4.  We purchase ugly houses all over Houston.


We purchase all kinds of ugly houses in Houston (no matter what condition they’re in) and can close on your house quickly. If you submit the form at the top of this page, a local investor can then contact you about further details and if the are interested they may like to make an appointment to come look at the house. Some investors may also use an inspector to tell them more details about what's wrong with a house. This is not to scare them out of buying, but so they can make a knowledgeable decision about the repairs required and then get some repair cost estimates made by their contractors.




5.  Difficulties selling ugly homes.


It can be enormously difficult to sell ugly homes depending on their condition & how much repairs they need, on the retail market to regular home buyers. That is for the following reasons...




5.1  Buyers want to picture themselves living there.


The majority of buyers that go to check out a property often try to envision themselves living there and what the house will look like when it’s full of their stuff. However this can be a real challenge for the average buyer if the house is in bad shape. Many will not be able to picture how the house will look after repairs and wouldn’t know where to start if they bought it. A lot of these people have little or no experience rehabbing a house, hiring contractors, or even performing minor repairs and wouldn’t dream of buying an ugly house.