The recent abundance of houses on the property market has made selling quite difficult for a lot of homeowners. Not only do they have to compete with other sellers, many have to go out of their way to please or make their houses attractive to buyers. A lot of buyers aren’t willing to purchase a home that requires an additional investment of time and money before they can move in and many opt to buying houses in like-new condition. Other buyers that can invest in these properties are often aware of this and may not want to make reasonable offers.


Selling a house by owner can be a challenge for some people while others may find it fairly easy. However, if you follow some of the basic steps for selling a house fast, you may be able to find someone who is willing to pay a decent amount for your home.


1.  How do I sell my house by owner?


1.1  Get it in shape to sell.


If you want to attract buyers and get a reasonably high price for your house, you should make sure the house seem like it’s in good condition. You may need to spend anywhere from a day or two to a week or longer on cleaning, getting rid of the clutter, and staging the house for buyers. Any major repairs should also be taken care of (unless you absolutely don’t have the time and money) to avoid losing potential buyers who don’t want to do them on their own. There’s a fairly good chance that sprucing up your home can cost you less than selling it at a low price.   


1.2  Price it and market it.


No one, not even a realtor, can tell you exactly what price your property can fetch on the market. There are a couple different factors that can affect your final selling price, with one of the main ones being the amount of time you have to find a buyer. If you can afford to let the house sit on the market for awhile, you can try setting the price high and vice versa. However, you also don’t want to wait too long as houses that sit on the market for too long often have trouble finding a buyer.


If you aren’t sure how much your house is worth, you can use market comparables to get a basic idea. These are houses (usually three or so) that have recently sold on your street or in your neighborhood. Real estate agents and other investors often use this method for determining the value of a property.
After you’ve decided on an asking price, you can put the house up for sale and start negotiating with potential buyers. Newspapers, the internet, and word of mouth can all help you find a buyer. You can also sell to professional real estate investors, like us, that buy houses at decent prices and can close quickly.