A common mistake that homeowners can easily make is to underestimate how much money and time it will cost them to sell their house. Finding a buyer in today’s market can be quite difficult and some home-sellers have to learn the hard way by spending months or more trying to sell. There are a number of factor’s that can affect a property sale and either speed up the process or slow it down. By taking certain measures, you can improve your chances of finding a buyer who will purchase your home.

If you need to sell your house in Houston quickly, there is all the more reason to put some extra effort into the sale. Perhaps you need to sell to avoid foreclosure, pay bills, or settle other debt. Some of the homeowners that sell quickly often put quite a bit of effort into the sale. They prepped the house to sell, marketed it properly, set a reasonable asking price, and were open to negotiations. If you’ve done all these things already and haven’t received any offers in a few weeks or so, you may want to increase your efforts.


1. Sell your own house.


1.1  Setting the asking price.


Before you put your home up for sale, you need to set an asking price. Although you could set the asking price quite high in hopes that you come across a generous buyer, you might want to start with a reasonable price if you want to find one quickly. One way you can get a basic idea of how high the price should be is to have the house evaluated by a professional appraiser. That way you will know what your house is worth and can set the asking price accordingly.

1.2  Timing the sale.


The length of time that a property has been sitting on the market can have a big impact on how likely it is to sell. A lot of the houses that don’t sell within the first couple months of being put up for sale go “stale”. Buyers often wonder why these homes have been sitting on the market for so long and what problems they have. If you can afford to wait until high season, you may have a better chance selling your house for a high price. House sales are often higher during the springtime and tend to go back down by the end of summer. On the other hand, motivated sellers that need to find a buyer right away might not be able to wait that long and should put their home up for sale as soon as possible.


1.3  Using a real estate agent.


Some homeowners prefer to hire a realtor to help them sell their home. A real estate agent can put your house on the market, assist you with selling, and will charge a commission on the sale at closing. There are some disadvantages to hiring a realtor such as having to pay their fees when you may already be tight on cash. It’s up to whether you use a real estate agent or not but if you must, try to hire a realtor with a good reputation. You could ask friends, family, or neighbors if they used one when they bought their home and ask if he is a good one to work with.


1.4  For Sale By Owner


If you’re fairy confident that you can sell your house in Houston without the aid of a realtor, you can sell it on your own. Proper marketing is often an important factor in selling quickly so you may want to consider putting a “For Sale By Owner” sign in your front yard and try to let as many potential buyers as you can know that you’re selling. You could also put an advertisement in the local paper to attract additional buyers. However, even if you do everything right, finding a buyer might take many months (or longer).


2. How to sell your house fast.


2.1  Finding a good buyer quickly.


Whether you decide to enlist the help of a realtor or not, you never know how long it will take to find a buyer on the property market. For one, you probably want to hold out for someone that will pay a reasonable sum for your home. On the other hand, you also want to close and get the hold sold in a minimal amount of time. If you want to sell fast, you need a buyer who can close fast and won’t take up more of your time then is necessary.


2.2  Working with experienced investor buyers.


There are a lot of investor buyers that purchase real estate in the Greater Houston area. The good ones (like us) have been in this business long enough to know how to buy a house and close fast, whereas regular house-buyers may take up a lot of your time making up their mind and closing the deal. Good investor buyers usually view properties for sale as assets and are more concerned with the profit that they can make off of them. That’s why they can be less likely to change their mind at the last minute because they found a house that they like better. Some investor buyers also tend to be less concerned with haggling over tiny details that shouldn’t affect the sale. Most experienced investor buyers understand that your time is valuable like theirs and probably want to close the deal without wasting any time. These are just a few of the advantages of selling to certain investor buyers so you may want to consider getting offers from a few before you decide to search for a buyer elsewhere.



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