While selling a mobile home can take quite a bit of effort, it isn’t impossible and is, in many ways, identical to selling a regular house. Preparing the mobile home for sale, finding out its value, and figuring out how much is owed can all have a significant impact on the sale. If you follow the steps that most successful sellers use to sell their property, you may be able to find someone who will pay a decent amount for your mobile home and close fast.


1.  Clean your mobile home.


Almost any type of mobile home or house needs a thorough cleaning, unless it’s in like-new condition, before it can be put up for sale. Clean every inch of every room, sweep floors, scrub tiles, wipe down furniture, and, if need be, have the carpets cleaned. As most mobile homes are not very large, you want to make yours seem as spacious as possible. You can do this by getting rid of the clutter and clearing out all any personal possessions, junk, and trash. Don’t pile it into closets either as potential buyers will probably open them when they walk through the home. If you don’t have a place to put your stuff, you may want to rent a temporary space at a nearby storage facility.


2.  Get a professional evaluation.


Although you probably want to sell your mobile home for a high price, you need to have realistic expectations if you want to sell fast. Properties that stay on the market for too long may end up going stale so, if you don’t receive offers after a few weeks, you may want to consider cutting the price. Many mobile homeowners hire an appraiser to evaluate the house and give them an idea of its worth so they can set a reasonable asking price.


3.  Find out its selling points.


When buyers look at a mobile home, they often need reasons to choose it over the many others on the market. Details like how close it is to certain school districts, what new appliances were recently installed, or anything else that could positively affect their decision to make an offer can be worth mentioning. Find these things out and remember so you can quote them to potential buyers when the time comes.


4.  Market it to the right crowd.


How you choose to market your mobile home can have a big impact on how easy it is to sell. You can start with a simple “For Sale” sign in your front yard but you may want to go as far as putting an advertisement in local papers or submitting it to property listing sites. The more potential buyers in your area that know about the sale, the better. You can also contact good real estate investors, like us, for an offer on your mobile home.  


5.  Work with buyers and close.  


When the mobile home is on the market, you may receive offers from all kinds of buyers. Try to please serious buyers and don’t hesitate to negotiate with them unless their requests are unreasonable. If you cannot be at the home when the drop by to check it out, have someone else be there to show it to them. You should also be wary of overly picky buyers that seem like they will waste a lot of your time. As far as the final selling price goes, it’s up to you and how desperate you are to sell.