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1.  We buy houses and can make you an offer...

Foreclosures in Texas buys all types of houses, not just foreclosures and ugly houses in Houston and surrounding areas and would like to make you an offer for your house. We have many years experience buying houses and working with homeowners to either stop foreclosure, or sell that hard to sell house fast.


Would you like to get an offer to consider on your house? Find out what we can buy your house for with either cash, or private financing, by filling out your information here.



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4.  We buy houses companies.

You may have seen signs along the highway, or road, that had the words “We Buy Houses" in Houston or seen signs from companies that buy “ugly houses”. You may have seen these advertisements in newspapers, or flyers posted around town. Some of these companies may be able to “pay cash” and “close fast”, others may not be all they live up to offer.


You may have good reason to be skeptical about some claims and may need to do some research on, or ask them plenty of questions during your meeting before deciding to do business with them.


5.  Companies that advertise “We Buy Houses in Houston”


While there are plenty of investors that may try to take advantage of a motivated seller, there are also investors that are straightforward and can give you the answers you're looking for and if you're selling can work with you to close as soon as possible. A lot of investors specialize in buying houses that are in average, or poor condition but will often be willing to purchase new homes if they’re being sold at a considerable discount. These investors work with homeowners that need to sell their property fast by buying them and closing fast.


A lot of the sellers investor home buyers work with are in a tight spot and need to sell their property right away. Many of them are in pre-foreclosure and are selling to avoid a foreclosure on their credit record while hoping to also pocket some of the equity that they’ve worked hard to put into their house over the years. In some cases owners are selling their house because they need to relocate for a new job. Other times the seller has inherited the house, or may be going through a divorce, or facing some other family-related issue and wants to sell. Of course, there are also those who aren’t in a hurry to sell their house and are simply looking for an investor/buyer that can purchase it with as little hassle as possible. Some of the “We Buy Houses Houston” type investors might be just what these sellers are looking for.


6.  Advantages to selling your house to investors.


If you choose the right company to work with, it can be much faster to sell your house to a real estate investor directly, instead of putting your house on the retail market.  It could take a long time to receive an offer you’re comfortable with and, if you’re on a deadline, you may not be able to wait that long. If you’re selling to avoid a foreclosure, than you need a buyer that can close before your house is auctioned off. Selling your home shouldn’t have to take weeks or months of negotiations and paperwork. You just need someone that knows what they’re doing and will pay a reasonable amount for your home. It’s in these companies best interests to close as quickly as possible which means, if they’ve made a decent offer on your property, you can begin the selling process right away.


7.  We buy houses in Pasadena, Texas.

Our company also buys houses in the Pasadena area, buys ugly houses in Pasadena and surrounding areas.


Another advantage to selling to this sort of company is you don’t need to hire a real estate agent and pay them a commission or any other fees that they will charge. By taking out the middle-man you can close with those extra couple thousand dollars in your pocket instead of a realtor’s.


8.  We buy houses in Deer Park, Texas.

Deer Park is also another area we specialize in buying houses.


A lot of these companies will buy houses for upfront cash. This can be especially helpful if you’re in a financial tight spot and don’t want to receive your money in payments over a time period that could range from months to years. You’ll get it all at once to do with as you please.


9.  We buy houses in Pearland, Texas.

If you have a house to Pearland, that is another one of the areas in which our investors buy ugly houses, or other kinds of houses.


Our company also specializes in purchasing houses quickly for decent prices. We will purchase ugly houses, properties that are in need of repair, and homes that you might not be able to sell anywhere else. We also purchase houses that are in good or like-new condition. Our company can close on your property quickly so contact us with your property details so we can make you an offer!